• Chinook Salmon and the Suzuki Foundation

Fast Facts About the Chinook Salmon Crisis in B.C.

Don't hook a Chinook? It seems that the Suzuki Foundation is saying "do what I [...]

  • Questions for Minister Wilkinson

6 Questions for Minister Wilkinson About Salmon Closures in British Columbia

The most restrictive fishing closures in 23 years were issued in May 2019 by Minister [...]

  • chinook salmon closures

3 Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Recreational Fishing

1. Anglers aren’t conservationists Anglers were some of the first conservationists. They recognize the importance [...]

  • Killer Whales

Killer Whales: Anglers are Not the Enemy

Many Canadians are concerned about the survival of killer whales. While reports seem to suggest [...]

  • Save Chinook Salmon

These B.C. Residents are Trying to Save Chinook Salmon

Anglers want to save Chinook salmon. Here is how they believe it should be done. [...]

  • ski letter to minister wilkinson

A Letter From the Sport Fishing Institute of BC to Minister Wilkinson

July 10, 2019 - A letter to Minister Wilkinson regarding MSF, retaining marked hatchery Chinook [...]

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fishing early in the morning

fishing early in the morning

Colorful fishing shack on the rocky beach

fishing early in the morning

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