Fishing Closures and the Future of Recreational Fishing in Canada

fishing closures

Are you worried about fishing closures in Canada? You should be.

Money from US environmental organizations is influencing Canadian policy, federal agencies, and government bureaucrats… and it could mean bad news for our access to fishing.

Furthermore, the interests of the recreational fishing community are not considered when fishing closures are proposed, nor when critical federal budgets, policy and legislation are decided.

In this series of articles, we dive into the state of conservation in Canada, and how it is being diverted to serve the agendas of U.S. animal rights organizations. We also look at Marine Protected Areas (i.e. “fishing closures”), their benefits and their current pitfalls, and how we as anglers can ensure they serve their intended purpose. These articles have been taken from the CSIA’s document, Elevating Recreational Fishing to a National Priority.

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Marine Conservation and Fisheries Management From Anglers’ Perspective

The Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association strongly supports scientifically based management of our marine and freshwater resources. Anglers (and hunters) fund conservation and lead all other groups in efforts to benefit fish and wildlife, including species that are not harvested. They [...]

8 Million Anglers Left in the Dark: Why Don’t We Get a Say in Fishing Closures?

Why are US environmental groups invited to the table while Canadian stakeholders are not? Canada boasts 8 million anglers. These 8 million anglers generate an annual economy of $9 billion in support of their passion. Recreational fishing supports jobs in [...]

Canadians’ Access to Fishing Could Close Permanently

Will you be able to take your kids fishing in 5 years? When you look at trends in fishing closures, maybe not. It might sound like the plot of a Mission Impossible film, but there is a quiet, coordinated effort [...]

Protection Zones: One Size Does Not Fit All

Where fisheries closures arise, supporting scientific data is curiously absent. Last week we outlined the seven components of the North American Conservation Model. Included in that list are three crucial guidelines: that regulations be based on sound science, that the [...]

What is an MPA?

With information from the Government of Canada. MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) are protected areas of seas, oceans, estuaries or large lakes that are legally protected and managed to achieve the long-term conservation of nature. MPAs may allow some current and future activities depending on their impacts to the [...]

The North American Model of Conservation

In our first article in our series on Elevating Recreational Fishing in Canada, we revealed that the Canadian government is ignoring decades of sound natural resources management. What should be celebrated as an ongoing accomplishment in long-lasting sustainability, is unfortunately tainted [...]

Funds from U.S. ENGOs Threaten Your Right to Fish

Money from US environmental organizations is influencing Canadian policy, federal agencies, and government bureaucrats... and it could mean bad news for our access to fishing. The fishing tradition is built into the very fabric of our lives as Canadians and [...]