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First the West, Then the Rest

The ongoing story of how U.S. environmental groups are controlling the narrative about killer whales and closing recreational fishing in Canada, starting in British Columbia

Southern Resident killer whales are in the headlines. Some recreational anglers are concerned, specifically those in B.C.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has shut anglers out of vast popular salmon fishing areas in coastal British Columbia. They claim these closures are necessary to protect Chinook salmon, a major food source for killer whales. According to DFO, “with only 75 remaining, Southern Resident killer whales are critically endangered and are facing an imminent threat.”

DFO biologists are mandated with managing fish and marine mammal populations at healthy sustainable levels based on credible scientific data and professional standards. If DFO statements are to be believed, the present state of Chinook salmon and killer whale populations in B.C. would indicate a record of abysmal resource management failures by the agency. These failures border on professional incompetence.

But is there more to the story?

A few questions to ask regarding fishing closures and Southern Resident killer whales…

  • Is DFO struggling to adjust to long-term failures?
  • Has DFO drifted away from their historic mandate to instead partner with foreign and domestic non-government organizations?
  • Has DFO thereby adopted their NGO partners’ anti-fishing agendas? Do these agendas replace  credible science?
  • Is DFO and Minister Wilkinson manufacturing a killer whale crisis, therefore manipulating public sentiment to conceal their true intent of targeting recreational anglers?
  • Are Southern Resident killer whales actually experiencing a serious population decline as stated by DFO and their NGO partners?
  • Does closing Chinook salmon fishing make any difference?

The credible scientific data that DFO should be using does exist. This data reveals a very different story than what DFO Minister Wilkinson and the media are reporting. Are DFO staff and Minister Wilkinson being truthful?

You decide.

We will be sharing more about these issues over the coming days and weeks.

You can let your Member of Parliament know what you think. After all, DFO has ultimate authority over all the water and fish in Canada.

Coastal B.C. is only the beginning.

Please scroll down to read the most recent news about fishing closures in British Columbia.

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