Marine Protected Areas – Elevating Recreational Fishing to a National Priority

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Fishing Closures and the Future of Recreational Fishing in Canada Are you worried about fishing closures in Canada? You should be. Money from US environmental organizations is influencing Canadian policy, federal agencies, and government bureaucrats… and it could mean bad news for our access to fishing. Furthermore, the interests of the recreational fishing community are not considered when fishing closures are proposed, nor when critical federal budgets, policy and legislation are decided. In this series of articles, we dive into the state of conservation in Canada, and how it is being diverted to serve the agendas of U.S. animal rights organizations. We also look at Marine Protected Areas (i.e. "fishing closures"), their benefits and their current pitfalls, and how we as anglers can ensure they serve their intended purpose. These articles have been taken from the CSIA's document, Elevating Recreational Fishing to a National Priority. If you would like to support the Keep Canada Fishing's efforts to ensure recreational fishing becomes a national priority, and that your right to fish is upheld, please consider a donation.