Averie Rose Bonin | Champions of Recreational Fishing

The DFO released the 2015 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada in February 2019. It revealed some interesting insight into the fishing industry. According to the data, males made up 79% of all resident anglers. As well, the survey revealed that most anglers are over 45. One young angler is hoping to change these stats. Twelve-year-old Averie Rose Bonin is an avid angler and fledgling YouTube star. Averie Rose uses her YouTube channel to promote the fun of fishing. She hopes that her work will encourage other kids to get hooked on the sport. For these reasons, and many more, Averie Rose is one of our Champions of Recreational Fishing! Who introduced you to fishing? My dad is the person who first introduced me to fishing. He always tells the story of how he put me in my stroller and took me to Humber Bay Park in Mississauga when I was just seven days old. It was spending time with my dad that really sparked my love of fishing. How old are you and how long have you been fishing? I’m twelve years old and fishing has been part of my life since the start.  I have been going on fishing trips with my family since I was only a week old and have been fishing myself since I was able to hold a rod. My very first rod was a pink ice fishing rod that I used for everything. I was very small so instead of a big six-foot fishing rod my dad gave me the ice rod because it was a better fit. Why did you decide to start making YouTube videos? In March of 2018 I had the opportunity to go to the Bassmaster Classic.  It was such an amazing trip, and thanks to our family friend Dave Mercer, I was able to [...]