“Big” Jim McLaughlin | Champions of Recreational Fishing

Jim McLaughlin has been part of the recreational fishing community for over 30 years. Affectionately known as "Big" Jim, he is a respected veteran of the industry, as well as a much-loved mentor to children and young anglers entering the sport. He is currently a spokesperson for National Fishing Week, as well as a sought-after speaker, emcee, and publisher of Just Fishing, Canada’s oldest & largest free fishing publication. For these reasons -- and many more -- "Big" Jim McLaughlin is one of our Champions of Recreational Fishing. Over the next few months we will be chatting with Canadian anglers who contribute to the overall success of sportfishing as a heritage activity. Here’s what Jim has to say about his career on the water. Who introduced you to fishing? Can you describe any fond memories you may have of that experience? My parents introduced me to angling at roughly 6 years of age in the Rideau Canal which runs through Ottawa…. [My] first fish was a bullhead!!! What is your favourite fish to catch? I love them all, but largemouth bass hold my heart. What are your thoughts on the fishing community? Has it grown with the use of social media? Is it competitive? It certainly has grown through social media and it remains as competitive as ever. What's the worst or most embarrassing day of fishing you've had? Not that it’s happened to me?? But I’ve heard its embarrassing when you leave the plug out at a tournament and get heckled… Why do you believe recreational fishing is important to Canadians? I truly believe it is a simple way to relax and maybe rustle up the good old fish fry... What issues currently affect recreational fishing? What can we do to solve these [...]