Recreational Fishing Now Free for Canadian Armed Forces Members

As of January 1, 2019, all veterans and active Canadian Armed Forces members residing in Ontario can enjoy recreational fishing across the province without having to purchase a fishing licence. [...]

Ontario Cancels Scheduled 2019 Fishing Licence Fee Increase

The Ontario Government announced today that it will be canceling a scheduled fishing licence fee increase, as well as removing the $2 service fee. "Next year, whether renewing a licence or [...]

Licence-Free Fishing!

A number of provinces are hosting "Family Fishing" events this weekend, allowing residents and Canadian visitors to fish without a licence. Regulations still apply -- and vary by province -- [...]

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Your Fishing Licence Dollars at Work

Every wonder why you need a licence to fish? Each province has different rules and regulations, but in Ontario, your licence dollars go to support a variety of important conservation [...]

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