OFAH: Telling Our Story

Have you seen this lovely video produced by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters? Here's what they had to say about our outdoor heritage as Canadians: It can sometimes be difficult to describe the reasons why we return to the woods and waters each year to fish, hunt and trap. It seems obvious to us, and the outdoors community. But as spokespeople for these heritage activities, we also have a role to play in telling our story to the general public. The OFAH partnered with Shimano Canada Ltd. to produce a series of informational videos about fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation. Telling Our Story is the first, and perhaps the most important message that describes our passion, our connection to conservation and many of the values that fishing, hunting and trapping provide. We encourage you to watch this video and share it among family members and friends as well as fellow anglers, hunters, trappers.

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The Outdoors Journey – National Fishing, Hunting, Trapping Heritage Day

Originally published by Pye Acres, September 15, 2017 by Robert J. Pye The White Otter Inn was in my rear view mirror and the rising sun was on my windshield.  I was up unreasonably early to drive home from a late-November OFAH membership meeting in northwestern Ontario. Slowly,  the break of dawn unveiled the full view of an empty Trans-Canada Highway… empty except for the OFAH company Jeep I was driving and a half-ton truck up ahead.  That truck was also flying my organization’s emblem. When some people didn’t care about cold water streams and its value to fish and wildlife, it was trout fisherman who volunteered to plant trees, prevent erosion, built spawning beds and fish ladders. Back bumper or top windshield corner, I can spot an OFAH membership decal a mile away. Our bright blue membership sticker is the highly recognizable “I’m proud to fish and hunt” statement affixed to boats, ATV’s, trucks and cars all throughout Ontario, especially in the north. With a full travel mug of coffee and an extra hour on my side, I had no inclination to pass my fellow OFAH members.  After all, a weekend full of fish hatchery tours, club meetings and conservation topics couldn’t replace this anonymous OFAH membership success story being told, from the shoulders up, with backs against a truck cab window. With every mile I paid closer attention to the OFAH members sitting side-by-side in the cab of that truck. Their blaze orange hats and jackets made it easy to tell how they were spending the morning.  A father and his son, I predicted. Going deer hunting, I assumed. I recognized their body language from my own childhood hunting trips, sitting beside my Dad on the bench [...]

Telling Our Story – Video from the OFAH and Shimano

Where does our passion for the outdoors come from? Why do we love to fish, hunt, and trap? What does conservation mean to us? This video from the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and Shimano Canada Ltd. answers those questions, and tells the story of the Canadian outdoors community.  

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Phil Morlock on the Outdoor Journal Radio Show

Last week, Bill C-246 was defeated in second reading by a vote of 198 to 84. The Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association's Government Affairs Chair Phil Morlock stopped by the Outdoor Journal Radio Show on October 15, 2016 to discuss the flawed bill. Click here to listen to the whole episode.

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