Yvonne Brown | Champions of Recreational Fishing

Yvonne Brown is a Canadian angler and the founder of Ontario Women Anglers. In February 2016, Yvonne became the first female to receive the Rick Amsbury Award of Excellence, presented by the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame, for her contributions to the sport. She is also an ambassador for National Fishing Week and Keep Canada Fishing.  For these reasons, and many others, she is one of our Champions of Recreactional Fishing. Over the next few months we will be chatting with Canadian anglers who contribute to the overall success of sportfishing as a heritage activity. Here's what Yvonne has to say about her career on the water. Who introduced you to fishing? Can you describe any fond memories you may have of that experience? My father was not only the person who taught me how to fish as a child, but also responsible for my re-introduction to the sport after a 30 year absence. I recall the fun my siblings and I would have catching panfish off the dock on Rice Lake almost 50 years ago. Even more clearly, I remember that day in August 2008 that I spent on Crowe Lake with my dad and my youngest son where I caught my first smallmouth bass, which was also my biggest fish ever at the time. It was then that I made the decision to learn how to identify fish, rig my own rod, understand what baits to use when and just to spend more time on the water learning as much as I could about the sport. Why did you start Ontario Women Anglers and Fishing 101 for Women? I had the opportunity to be a fishing instructor in 2012 at the annual OFAH Women’s Outdoor Weekend where I met many women who had a similar history as me regarding their fishing experiences. A lot of them hadn’t fished since childhood and, during that weekend, caught their most fish ever, landed their biggest fish, learned how to set up their rods, [...]